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Sorry for the Ads

I hate the ads at the top of this website. Huh? Are you bashing the advertisements on yourconfused_old_lady very own site? Yes, with a passion. I agreed to some sort of baloney that I wouldn’t discredit the ads and blah blah blah, but I can’t take it anymore. If they decide I am no longer worthy of the $.0029 per view they pay me, then I guess I’ll have to move to Vietnam and get a job sewing buttons onto underwear for $.15 an hour (a huge raise). I don’t mind the one at the bottom of the page, right now it’s an ad for chips, but the click-bait junk at the top is smelly garbage. Continue reading “Sorry for the Ads”


Cheerleading’s Dark Side: Child Panhandlers

I'd probably donate to this guy

This is happening too often: Sunday is here, there’s a home game, we pull into our tailgate lot and crack open that first beer. Shortly there after a little tart, maybe 10 years old in a cheerleading uniform, shows up asking for donations so she and her team can go to “Nationals,” whatever the hell that is. I assume it’s where these little All-Star mooches can shake their rumps in a provocative manner in front of questionable judges at Disney World. I researched; the “Cheerleading Worlds” competition is held at Disney World every year. Despite its international name, it is never held in Indonesia or on the African continent or even outside of Florida for that matter because that would mean too much begging. Continue reading “Cheerleading’s Dark Side: Child Panhandlers”